Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Three Week Date With Jesus

We’re back!! Actually, we’ve been back for almost a week… you know how we are with the blog posting.

Training was awesome! I can’t imagine what moving overseas would be like without knowing some of the things we do now. That’s not to say (by any means) that there won’t be bad days, mistakes made, frustrations, bumps in the road … you get the idea. I just feel like now I have a better idea of how to handle situations based on who I am and how I react to them. Most importantly I was reminded to GO TO GOD FIRST! That’s one of those things I knew but, honestly wasn’t great about that being the first thing I did. We learned that we start making mistakes now… before we’re even on the field. Somehow this was unsettling and reassuring (yay paradox).

Just some other random things from MTI:

-paradoxes are a huge part of life

-loads of scripture references

-I will be praying, “God help…” a lot

-don’t take what God doesn’t give you

-I’m not crazy (at least not for moving to Cambodia)

-I have 38 awesome (37 new, 1 old) friends moving around the world for Christ

-goodbyes stink but, they’re necessary

-I’m a fox (since I can’t be an owl)

-God is BIG

-unlimited Diet Coke is amazing & I consume much more than the average person

-God doesn’t need me but, He still wants and loves me

-Sabbath is SO important

-God answers prayer in some really awesome ways

-sometimes you just need to go sit on a hill with your Bible & talk to God

(Not all of those were new but, still good reminders)

All in all, it was a great experience. Someone (I can’t remember who now, sorry) said the first day of training, MTI was going to be “… a three week date with Jesus.” I definitely needed it. I know there is so much more we gained than what I have put down here. (I think my brain may still be processing a lot of it.) It will come out over time. It was a tough, very productive, necessary three weeks. Thank you all so much for praying!