Friday, January 14, 2011

Life the last month or so...

It would take me forever for me to put into words everything that’s gone on in this last month (and let’s face it, it probably wouldn’t actually happen) so, here’s just a portion of what we’ve been up to on our side of the world recently:

Starting December 27th we loved…

 Picking up our moms from the airport

 Taking them to all our favorite places in Phnom Penh

 Mother/ daughter lunches, coffee dates, pedicures, …

 Picking up the rest of the BPF team from the airport

 Catching up on life over coffee instead of over the internet

 All of our kids having someone to play with or hug at the same time

 Getting 20 water filters from RDI and bringing them to HCO

 Looking around & seeing kids read their Bibles (Christmas present this year)

 Our kids singing, “The Stars at Night…” & a few other songs we taught them for the team

 Hearing stories about what God was doing in people’s lives during the time they spent here

 Knowing people we love, love our kids (almost) as much as we do

Then, on January 7th we dropped our moms and (most of) the team off at the airport… just for the record, it was a lot more fun picking them up. However, it’s been nice settling back into ‘real life’, right now which consists of…

 Hanging out with 66 of the coolest kids ever

 Teaching phonics & making up ridiculous hand motions to songs our kids are learning

 Teaching the kids how to wash their hands… more fun than you might think

 Processing water filters (clean water coming very soon!)

 Catching back up with our friends here

We had such an amazing time with everyone who came! We can’t say thank you enough for everything that was done for us and our kids, we really enjoyed having you all here!!