Thursday, March 10, 2011

March Update

It seems like the longer we’re here the faster the time is flying by, this month marked the beginning of our fifth month in Cambodia! We’re following up with a few of the things we mentioned last month such as doctors visits, hand washing, and our quest for clean drinking water. This past week we spent a good portion of our afternoon cleaning all twenty of the water filters the kids drink from. Several of our older boys pitched in and we were able to teach them how to properly maintain this… we will be passing this off to them over the next few months so they will have clean water after we leave.

We do have one big announcement: we are officially partnered with BrightPoint for Children for child sponsorship! The best part about this is that this makes it easier for you to tell your family, friends, coworkers, postman, milk man, barista, waiter, congressman, mechanic, cashier at Buc-ees, and neighbors (future sponsors??) how they can make a difference here in Cambodia. Please partner with us to spread the word: make it your facebook status, send obnoxious forwards, make it your screensaver, tattoo it, leave voicemails, send mass texts… do whatever; be creative! We know many of you share the same passion for these kids that we do, so we know this will be easy.

So, now that you’re excited about telling the world about the needs at Hope for Cambodia, we’ll make it easy for you. Copy and paste the link below:

For those of you that committed to financially support us monthly, please don’t forget to send in this month’s support. Thanks again for all your love, encouragement, and prayers.


Tamara & Lauren

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